Have you considered preprinting a signature panel?

If you have ever considered running a signature panel first, then printing YMCKO on top, we would recommend proceeding with caution.

Our initial response would be that the signature panel needs to go on last, the main concern being that the signature panel is raised off the surface of the card, which may interfere with the print quality.

However, certain manufacturers have suggested that this is not the case. They have reported that there will not be any damage to the print head, however some adjustments may need to be made, or the quality will not look as good.

If you are planning on preprinting a signature panel, and then printing over it with YMCKO, the adjustments they recommend making for the YMCK sections of the ribbon would be to have a knockout in the design. This way the printer will not print on that area.

The main issue would be the O, or overlay section. If the overlay is not disabled in the signature panel area, then the overlay will not apply to the signature panel, but will leave a very faint, odd design around the panel where the overlay did not apply correctly. To prevent this, it would need to be specified where not to apply the overlay.

Overall, we would not suggest printing the signature panel first, but if required, these are some things to take into consideration.

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Look Into the Benefits of a Large Format Event Card Printer

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How to replace the purge unit on a Swift Color SCC-4000

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How to Replace the Printhead on the SwiftColor SCC-4000

Step-by-step instructions demonstrating how to perform printhead maintenance on the SwiftColor SCC-4000:

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Setting up a Smart-30 printer

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How to calibrate your HDP5000 Laminator

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Running an Autonomous Cleaning on an IDP Smart-50

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FAQ on Ranger® Long-Range Receivers and Transmitters

farpointe ranger

Farpointe’s Ranger line of long-range access control solutions is fairly unique and is certain to have raised a few questions about functionality and how the products could be configured to meet your needs. Farpointe has gone ahead and put together a quick FAQ to answer some of these questions and help familiarize the ranger line of products.

You can find more information on Farpointe’s Ranger products here.

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New resource for ID Card Printer Selection

easy-badges-guide-bannerLooking for guidance when selecting a new ID card printer for your company? One of our dealers released a short guide to help get you started.

Where the experts start

“I need an ID card printer for my employee IDs.” We have heard this a countless number of times. And we almost always respond with the same question, “How many IDs are you printing yearly?” Generally speaking, all ID card printer manufacturers make 2 or 3 printer models that can be categorized into entry-level card printers, mid-level card printers, or high volume card printers. So naturally, it’s a good place to start. Continue reading

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How to Install Cards and Ribbon – Fargo C50

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