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Error 237 – Evolis Primacy

The attempt to encode or read the magnetic stripes on your card has failed. 1. Check your cards and their positioning Check whether your cards are correctly orientated in the feeder. Check your cards do indeed have a magnetic stripe. … Continue reading

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Error 211 – Evolis Zenius

211 – Ribbon wrong area Error The ribbon installed in the machine has been recognized by the system but is not compatible with the characteristics of your printer. 1.This is the first time the message has appeared Contact your dealer … Continue reading

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License Key Prompt – Jolly ID Flow

If you are prompted to enter your license key each time you start Jolly ID Flow, your user logon account most likely does not have sufficient privileges. Log in to the PC as administrator, launch ID Flow and enter the … Continue reading

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Check Driver Version – Magicard Avalon

It is very important to keep your printer driver and printer firmware up to date. Many problems can be resolved by doing so. Take the following steps to check your Magicard Avalon driver version: Go you your printers and faxes … Continue reading

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Error 231 – Evolis Primacy

231 – Mechanical error, card jam The print attempt has failed. One or more cards have become jammed in the printer, or there is a defect in a mechanical component. If a card is blocked, remove the card as follows: … Continue reading

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Evolis Trade In – Trade Up Program

Save up to $300 with Evolis Trade-in Program! The Evolis Trade-in/Trade-up program is an opportunity to switch to the most reliable card printers on the market, the Evolis printers. From September 4, 2012 until March 29, 2013 save  up to … Continue reading

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