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Increase Customer Retention with CardPresso Upgrades

CardPresso ID Badging software offers a great feature for dealers to retain customers through their managed software upgrade program. The Entry-Level XXS version is a great introduction to the CardPresso software, and at an MSRP of only $75, is one … Continue reading

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IDP Certifies Card Presso Software for all Printer Models

IDP  has just certified all functionality of cardPresso software with their printers

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Proximity Card Bit Format and Facility Code Guide

Proximity cards are an amazing piece of technology that provide constantly expanding opportunities and applications in our industry. But what if you want a 26-bit Wiegand card, with facility code 300? And what is the HID compatible Format Code for … Continue reading

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Test Print – Toppan CP500

Go to your printers and faxes folder. Right click on the Toppan CP 500 and choose printing preferences. Click on the maintenance tab. Click on Test Data Printing

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