Accessing User Mode and Service Mode on a NiSCA Printer

On any of the PR53XX series NiSCA card printers, a number of  settings can be set using the User Mode and Service Mode menus.

Most likely you will only need to access User Mode to change the settings you need.  To do so, press and hold the “Ribbon Change / Menu” button for 10 seconds.  User Mode contains the following information and settings:

  • Card Count, which can be reset
  • Total Card Count, which cannot be reset
  • Color adjustments
  • Error buzzer on/off
  • Ribbon type
  • Laminator heat and speed
  • SCSI ID for SCSI printers
  • Firmware version
  • Printer status, for example memory modes and encoder types

Only qualified technicians should need to access the more advanced Service Mode.  To do so, press and hold “Ribbon Change / Menu” with one hand, and with the other press “CLR”, “EXE”, “CLR”, “EXE”, “CLR”, “EXE”, “CLR”, “EXE”.  Here there is an Adjustment Mode for adjusting OD, position, and uniformity.  There are also various diagnostics for checking the status of sensors, actuators, hardware, the heat roller,  and the encoders.

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