Activate Flip-Over Module – Evolis Primacy

Your printer is a single-sided printer and you wish to activate it in two-sided mode.
To do this, obtain the activation key for the flip-over module.

Carry out the following procedure to activate your printer in two-sided mode:
Your printer must be powered on and active (not in standby mode).

  1. Open the printer cover.
  2. Remove the ribbon from the printer if present.
  3. Take your activation key and insert it in the location provided.
  4. Close the cover. The 3 LEDs on the control panel start flashing one after the other for between 5 and 10 seconds.
    Activation has finished and is successful when the 3 LEDs remain lit for several seconds then turn off.
  5. Open the printer cover and remove the activation key. Put the ribbon back.
  6. Close the cover.
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