Asset Tracking & Surveillance Kit

UHF Kit Image

TransTech Systems offers a unique all-in-one RFID starter kit for asset and surveillance tracking.

This TTS-K-UHF kit offers dealers and installers the equipment and support to sell an RFID tracking system that is easily upgradeable and broadly relevant to the majority of RFID applications. Included in the kit is:

  • Nox-Core Software license- This software links surveillance video with labeled assets and people to record what happened, who did it, and where it took place.
  • CS203 integrated RFID reader-a two-in-one reader and antenna with long read range. Place this reader in a room you choose and the reader will continuously keep track of all tagged items. The reader communicates with the Nox-Core software, giving you the ability to search for any tagged items. The CS203 reader has Ethernet connectivity and can be used inside or outside.
  • IPD2220ES IP Dome Camera-features high resolution and easy set up. Benefits include 3D noise reduction and a face/tampering/audio/motion detection alarm function. Knowing you will be alerted if someone tries to disable the camera gives peace of mind.
  • 100 Nox-2 Paper UHF Tags-Each tag tells the reader and software the name of the tagged item. For example, you might tag an important document. You can search for the document and see everywhere it goes. This ensures comprehensive access to knowing at any time where the document went and who it went with. The read range for these tags is up to 40 feet.
  • Sample pack of metal UHF Tags-Used for tracking laptops and tools. These tags have been tested to read up to 10 feet after being crushed or burned.
  • 1st year phone technical support-Questions? Concerns? We are here to help you learn more the RFID kit and to make sure its function is outstanding.
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