Card Jam – Fargo DTC4500

Take the following steps if you are experiencing card jamming with your  Fargo DTC4500 :

Run a self test from the printer to eliminate your software, driver, or computer

Run a cleaning cycle

Make sure that your cards are within spec

Try different cards

Manually clean the rollers

Make sure that your card size is selected properly in the driver (CR-79 or CR80)

Update the printer driver and firmware to the latest on Fargo’s website

Plug the printer directly into a wall socket as in our experience surge protectors can cause different issues with badge printers.

Home the flipper table in the Workbench

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2 Responses to Card Jam – Fargo DTC4500

  1. Cheryll Carter says:

    We have a Fargo DTC 4500 and it is showing no flipper module. What is the flipper and where is it located? Thank you for your help

    • Jake Burdick says:


      The flipper module is what allows the printer to print dual sided cards. If your printer has a flipper module it would be located on the left side above the output hopper.



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