Card will not eject – Fargo HDP5000 Single Side

Take the following steps if your HDP5000 Single Sided printer is not ejecting the card after printing:

Run a self test from the printer to determine if it is actually the cause of the issue

Update your printer firmware and driver to the latest on Fargo’s Website

Manually clean the rollers, especially the exit roller

Try higher grade card stock



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2 Responses to Card will not eject – Fargo HDP5000 Single Side

  1. Ryan Montilla says:

    Thank you for the info. We have some issues using Fargo HDP500 id printer for just almost 3 months. We always experience a frequent card jamming for at least five times now. When we try to take out the jammed card we always noticed that the cards are crimped. Cards are aligned actually 2 cards and both are crimped. We already checked printer setting and all are in the right place. We sent it to our provider. After a few days of working it then suddenly another instance of jam occur. Same result. Firmware is latest.

    Kindly help us to resolved this problem.
    Thanks you. Your immediate reply will highly appreciated

    • The Badge Pro says:

      What type of cards are you using? You can reduce the transfer temperature in the driver if the cards are warping.

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