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Ribbon Calibration – Fargo DTC4000

Take the following steps to calibrate the Fargo DTC4000 ribbon sensor: Go to your printers and faxes folder, right click on the DTC4000 and choose Printing Preferences. Click on the Tool box tab Once the Tool Box opens, click on … Continue reading

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Fargo DTC4000 Won’t Communicate

If your Fargo DTC4000 won’t communicate, take the following steps Ensure that your printer is turned on and plugged into your computer Check to make sure the USB port on the printer is not loose or broken Try a different … Continue reading

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How to install a Fargo DTC1000/4000/4500 Driver on a Mac

Installing a Fargo Mac Driver: Mac OS Versions: 10.5/10.6 or newer Download the Macintosh Driver from Fargo’s Website and double click on the file if it does not auto run Click continue Click continue Click continue Click agree Click on … Continue reading

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How to update your Fargo Printer firmware

Please update your printer driver before updating your printer firmware In order to upgrade your printer firmware you will need the Fargo Workbench Utility Go to Fargo’s website and download Fargo’s Workbench Utility Choose your printer model from the drop … Continue reading

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