Check Lam Error – Fargo DTC525LC

Take the following steps if your Fargo DTC525LC is displaying a Check Lam error:

Try a different roll of laminate

Make sure the laminate is loaded correctly and centered on the spools

Calibrate the lamination sensor through the driver and run a self test with lamination

Increase the Manual Sensor Calibration by 5-10 points through the printer’s front panel LCD. (Note: If you increase this value and then calibrate the sensor through the driver it will default back to the lower setting)

Press Menu

Scroll down and select Setup Printer

Scroll down to Lam Settings and press select

Scroll down to Sensor Manual and press select

Increase the setting between 5-10 positive points using the up arrow.

Choose save

Run a self test with lamination to ensure the problem is resolved.

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