ChromaID Wins 2013 Prism Award

Visualant Inc. has been awarded the “Green Photonics” Prisim Award for the powerful environmental contamination detection applications of the ChromaID scanner.

The potential environmental applications were nicely outlined in The ChromaID Story:

Air, water, and soil analysis becomes vastly more affordable and field-friendly with ChromaID. Spectrophotometry can be used to check for common drinking water contaminants such as arsenic, lead, antimony, nitrates, and nitrites. Air quality measurements – particulate concentrations,industrial emissions, carbon monoxide levels in automobile exhaust – appear as fast as an LED flash. Soil analysis can yield vital information about clay and sand content, pH levels, organic carbon concentration, exchangeable calcium and magnesium, and the presence of iron oxides. ChromaID’s ability to fingerprint compounds provides new tracing capabilities through all three media. If it’s moving from soil to water, ChromaID can track it.



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