Clean Printer – Magicard Pronto

Take the following steps to run a cleaning cycle:

Go to your printers and faxes folder, right click on the Pronto, choose printing preferences.

Click on the Clean the Printer tab

Read the instructions and then click the Clean tab

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3 Responses to Clean Printer – Magicard Pronto

  1. jim chatleain says:

    I tried to run a cleaining card through my Magicard Pronto, printer would not take card. I have the same cleaing card i used with a previous magicard printer(? name) no number on the envelope the card came in. Do I need to order CR80 or cr79 cleaning cards?

  2. D. Veter says:

    We have followed the steps above, using the correct cleaning “strip”. However, our printer is the model that does NOT have the LCD panel on the printer itself, how do we get it take the card (i.e. respond “yes”)?

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