Cleaning Cycle – Evolis Pebble

Cleaning the insides of the printer is required every 1000 cards processed cards, when the cleaning LED alerts you.

  1. Switch the printer on and open the cover.
  2. Remove the ribbon, then close the cover.
  3. Remove the printer feeder.
  4. Use a new cleaning card provided by Evolis.
  5. Empty the feeder and insert the cleaning card in the feeder.
  6. Adjust the card thickness gauge to the ‘MAX’ position.
  7. Slot the feeder back into the printer.
  8. Press for one second the control panel’s push button. The cleaning process will start.
  9. As the card passes multiple times inside the printer, it cleans the card transport rollers, the cleaning roller, the print head and the encoding head if your printer has this option.
  10. The used cleaning card is then ejected to the hopper.
  11. Put back the ribbon in the printer, and the blank cards in the feeder while adjusting the gauge to the appropriate card thickness.
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  1. where is the control panel’s push button? trying to clean printer and cannot locate it.

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