CP500 Trade-in Promo!

TransTech is excited to announce an introductory promotion for the 600dpi CP500 retransfer card printer. Trade in any competing model for a new ultra-high quality CP500 and receive a $250 rebate!

More Details can be found here: CP500 Trade In 2013

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One Response to CP500 Trade-in Promo!

  1. How can you get the CP500 to print 600 dpi? Clearly you cannot use 300 dpi artwork and software that only handles 300 dpi printing, so what solutions do you offer with the CP500 so that you can get real 600 dpi printing? What software do you recommend that has been tested and verified to print 600 dpi? We know that our IMDS solution will print 600 dpi, so I’m just curious what you offer customers when that really want to use it. Thanks.

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