Error 112 – Fargo HDP5000

Error 112 is a generic card jam error that usually occurs with an HDP5000 with a flipper module and laminator attached to it.

Things to check:

Run a self test from the front panel to eliminate your computer or software from the equation

Try different cards

Ensure that the cards you are using are in specification

Manually clean the rollers

Update the printer driver and firmware to the latest on Fargo’s Website

Check to make sure that the printer is on a completely level service

Remove and test the printer without the other modules. Then reattach the flipper and lamination module (The tabs can become bent and cause the modules to not align properly. You can attempt to bend them back into the correct position)

Ensure that the flipper module and lamination module are correctly attached and fastened with the screws

Check for card warpage (If the card is warped in the transfer process the card will most likely jam going into the flipper module)




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4 Responses to Error 112 – Fargo HDP5000

  1. Comfort Martins says:

    please help. When I load a card, once it leaves the card feeder, it gets jammed and does not progress further.
    I’ve tried to run a self test but the card wont even cant move beyond a little after the feeder(where the card is loaded). So, running a self test is not even possible.
    What do I do please?
    I need an immediate response. Thank You.

    • Jake Burdick says:

      First, make sure that the jammed card has been removed from the unit. Once you have the card removed, run a cleaning on the unit and make sure the driver and firmware are updated to the most recent versions. If it still is jamming then it may need to be sent in for repair.

      On a related note, did any strange noises accompany the jamming?



  2. jejelowo julius says:

    hello, am having the same issue with the explanation above above. yes, i discover that a sound followed the jamming… please what can i do?

    • Jake Burdick says:

      Make sure you clean your printer and update the drivers & firmware. Also make sure you’ve fanned out your cards or blown on them with a can of air to ensure that there is no static build up between them.



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