Error 209 – Evolis Zenius

The ribbon installed in the machine is not recognized by the system:

1. This ribbon is not an Evolis High Trust® ribbon and does not have a recognition system

  • Contact your dealer to exchange your current ribbon for an Evolis High Trust® certified consumable which alone will allow you to get the best graphic performance from your printer.
  • Nevertheless, if you need to print cards in an emergency, manually configure your unrecognized ribbon in the Print Center:
    • Check “Manually configure the ribbon type”
    • Select the ribbon type from the list
    • Confirm by clicking “OK” and exit the Print Center.

NOTE: Using an uncertified ribbon could cause damage to the printer and its print head if the film is cut or due to dust residues or the presence of non-compliant materials. Evolis declines all responsibility in the event of damage.

2. This ribbon is an Evolis High Trust® ribbon but its recognition system is defective

  • Remove the ribbon from the printer
  • Turn the printer off then on again after a few seconds – the ribbon should be recognized.
  • If the problem persists, change the ribbon and contact your dealer to obtain an exchange for the defective consumable. This exchange is undertaken by Evolis under the warranty for Evolis High Trust®consumables.
  • If the problem persists with a new ribbon, it is possible that the printer’s detection system is defective. Get your printer checked by your dealer.


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