Error 213 – Fargo HDP5000LC

Fargo HDP5000LC Error 213 is a card jam in the laminator

Things to check:

Compatible Cards: ABS, Laminated PVC, PET, PETG, proximity, smart and mag stripe cards, optical memory cards
Note: ABS and PVC cards are not recommended for use in the HDP5000 Lamination Module.

-Run a lamination self test from the Fargo Workbench Utility to determine whether the issue is with the printer or your software

-Try different card stock, preferably Fargo Ultra Card III Composite Cards (81763)

-Clean the laminator rollers thoroughly with a Fargo 82133 cleaning card

-Update the printer firmware and driver to the latest on Fargo’s website.
-Check to see if the card is warping after the card exits the printer. If if so, reduce the transfer temperature in the driver by a few degrees at a time to find the optimum setting

– Make sure the printer is on a level surface

– Check to see if the metal tabs on the laminator are bent (This can happen in shipping.) If so, bend them back into place

– Verify that you are using the MagTech power supply

-If you cannot resolve the issue, please contact an Authorized Fargo Repair Center

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