Error 231 – Evolis Zenius

Error 231 – Is a mechanical error, card jam error

The print attempt has failed. One or more cards have become jammed in the printer, or there is a defect in a mechanical component.

If a card is blocked, remove the card as follows:

  1. Open the printer cover and remove the ribbon.
  2. Press the button on the control panel to turn the card feed rollers. If the card is still stuck inside the printer, slide it manually towards the printer output. If there is more than one card, always push the top one first.
  3. Replace the ribbon, then close the printer cover.

To prevent card jams:

  1. Check that the card thickness gauge is correctly adjusted.
  2. Ensure that the thickness of the cards used matches the specifications of your printer.
  3. Check that the cards are flat. Keep them in a horizontal position.
  4. Check that the cards are not stuck together. Shuffle the cards before loading them.

If the cards are not jammed and the problem is due to a mechanical defect, please contact your Evolis dealer for advice and support

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