Error 237 – Evolis Primacy

The attempt to encode or read the magnetic stripes on your card has failed.

1. Check your cards and their positioning

  • Check whether your cards are correctly orientated in the feeder.
  • Check your cards do indeed have a magnetic stripe.
  • Check that your magnetic cards are compatible with the encoder settings (HiCo or LoCo coercivity level).


2. Format error

  • Magnetic encoding usually has to be compliant with ISO or JIS2 standards. Check your data is being sent in the correct format.

3.   Read error

  • The card cannot be read.
  • Check the orientation of the card (see item 1).
  • Check the state of the magnetic stripe on the card.
  • Try again if necessary.

4. Error during check after encoding

  • After each encoding operation, the printer automatically carries out a check. This process, called Read-after-Write, has shown that the card is probably incorrectly encoded.
  • Encode the card again.
  • If the problem persists, change the card and dispose of the defective one
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