Fargo HDP5000 Error 97: Check Ribbon

When a Fargo HDP5000 is displaying an error message that says Error 97: Check Ribbon, this is called a “ribbon miscue”.  There are a number of troubleshooting steps you can attempt before resorting to sending the printer in for service:

  1. If available, try a different ribbon in the printer.  If it works, then contact your dealer to have the ribbon replaced.
  2. Plug the printer into a different wall socket or surge protector
  3. Update the printer firmware and driver
  4. Calibrate the ribbon sensor through the printer driver
  5. Try a printer self test.  If this works, the problem is likely with your computer, driver, or badging software
  6. Confirm that you have the correct MagTech power supply
If none of these resolve the issue, the ribbon sensor in the printer has likely failed and will need to be replaced by an authorized service center.
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6 Responses to Fargo HDP5000 Error 97: Check Ribbon

  1. Yoseph Mekonnen says:

    Hello dir
    we have a problemes on fargo HDP 5000 error 99 from our machines two of them the other two machines have error 97
    what is the solution pls tell me
    thanks in advance

  2. ebenezer says:

    good morning sir, my fargo HDP5000 have been giving me serious problem, sometimes when it print to magenta it will stop printing, it does it randomly to all the colours… now i cant print at all even when i try self text on the printer it keeps on stopping at magenta colour please i need your technical advice thanks.

  3. tayyab says:

    HDP 5000 has erorr code 97 . above mention step performed but vain. please advice ….

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