First Look at Evolis Premium Suite for Zenius

 Evolis Premium Suite® , software, at the core of all new Evolis printers. This software architecture supplies the Print Center, a printing and configuration system that monitors all communications between the printer and the user.

The printer’s operation can be managed entirely right from the user’s interface and through pop-up notifications on the printing status, ribbon availability and maintenance tasks.

This Printer Manager also offers direct access to the Evolis Web-based Support Center, available on a 24/7 basis.

Open the Evolis Print Center by double clicking the Evolis icon in your system tray or by double clicking the Evolis Print Center shortcut

Double click on the Evolis Zenius Printer

The printer properties will be displayed

Click on “Printing” to change the card orientation

Click on “Feeder/Hopper” to change the card handling mode

Click on “Ribbon” to view the Ribbon details

Click on “Front Side Graphical Settings” to adjust the brightness and contrast settings

Click on “Varnish Adjustment”to change the varnish settings

Click on “Cleaning” and it will provide your cleaning information

Click on “Proceed with Cleaning” to run either cleaning cycle

Click on “Testing Cards” to print test cards

Click on “Maintenance” to send commands to the printer

Click on “Print head Replacement” to send the Print Head Kit # after changing the print head

Click on “Firmware Update” to update the firmware

Click on “Administration” to change the stand by mode

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