Head Lift Error – Fargo DTC550

A Fargo DTC550  “head lift” error is usually caused by an O ring that has failed.

Please contact an Authorized Fargo Repair center to have the O ring replaced.

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5 Responses to Head Lift Error – Fargo DTC550

  1. Richmond says:

    Please i have a problem with my Fargo dtc550 machine and it reads head lift error help me solve this problem

  2. shves says:

    Hi dear
    I have Fargo printer dtc550 new
    When I open it to print first time
    The printer print yellow colour on card and stop show error “head left error” it is new!!!
    I install drive fargo dtc550 with windows 7 but on cd drive written with xp
    Please help me to solve problem.

  3. Ewing Fox says:

    I went to the local auto parts store and purchased a 1/16″ rubber “o” ring that was the same size. Cost – $0.51 cents. printed a few cards, so far, works well while I wait for my $30.00 minimum order F00039 Fargo part to arrive. The 1/16″ o ring is slightly smaller diameter but works well.

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