How to Perform a Self Adjustment – Evolis Pebble/Dualys

Performing a Self Adjustment on a Pebble, Dualys, or Kiosk printer is an excellent step for both regular maintenance and troubleshooting issues.
  • Use Sa Command to adjust all sensors in the same process
  • Make sure a YMCKO color ribbon and cards are inside the printer.
  • ln the Driver properties/Tools/Dialog with printer, send the Sa command
  • The “warning-LED” from the control panel will flash.
  • Open the cover. The “warning-LED” will stop. When it’s on again, close the cover.
  • After a short while, the card Light will flash
  • Remove the card hopper for a few seconds and then place it back into position. A card will be fed, ejected then the sensors will be adjusted.
  •  If this procedure has been followed too slowly, a “timeout elapsed” message may be displayed.

You may also want to run individual commands to narrow down faulty sensor

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  1. alain haibe says:

    dear sirs,
    ive tried the Sa command but at the end after removing and replacing the feeder all the lights exept for cover open warning are flashing 1 at a time repeatedly.
    if you could help


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