How to test the Mag Encoder on an Evolis Printer

If you are having issues with mag encoding failing or not verifying try different cards first, then run a magnetic self test from your printer driver.

1. Open the Evolis printer driver by going to your printers and faxes folder. Right click on your Evolis printer and choose printing preferences.

2. Click on the tools tab.

3. Click on the Dialog with Printer tab.

4. Enter some sample data in the magnetic tracks.

Note: No spaces are allowed

Track 1 is Alpha Numeric and any letters must be capitalized

Track 2 and 3 are Numeric only

Click on the encode tracks tab (a card will be inserted and encoded)

Click on the read tracks tab (the printer will verify the encoding and populate the box below with the encoded data information)

Click on the eject card tab to eject the card from the printer

If the self test passes without error check your software settings.

You can also try changing the coercivity to Lo Co, and then back to Hi Co.

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