How to turn off HoloKote- Magicard Enduro

To turn off the HoloKote go to your printers and faxes folder, right click on the Enduro, choose printing preferences, and then click on the Card Front tab

Uncheck the HoloKote box

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2 Responses to How to turn off HoloKote- Magicard Enduro

  1. Robert Reeks says:

    Good Afternoon

    I am an IT Support person who has a user that has purchased a Pronto Badge Printer.

    The user needs to brint a set of badges without the Holokote being printed. We have turned it off following these instructions, but it still prints the Holokote image.

    Would you be able to offer any more advice?

    Thanks for taking he time to help with this.

    • The Badge Pro says:

      First of all, I’d suggest flashing the firmware and reinstalling the driver after downloading them from If that doesn’t work, try it on a different PC. If the same problems occur on another PC, the printer may need to go in for service.

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