How to update your Fargo Printer firmware

Please update your printer driver before updating your printer firmware

In order to upgrade your printer firmware you will need the Fargo Workbench Utility

Go to Fargo’s website and download Fargo’s Workbench Utility

Choose your printer model from the drop down menu and then click go

Scroll to the bottom and download the Workbench to your desktop and unzip the file

Run the Workbench application set up

Download the latest version of the firmware on Fargo’s website and unzip it. If your printer has a laminator, download the firmware for that as well.

Open the Fargo Workbench and select your printer

Click on the tools tab in the left upper corner and choose upgrade firmware

Browse for the firmware file and then select ok

If your printer has a laminator, repeat the last two steps to update that as well.

NOTE: If you have a legacy Fargo printer you will need to download the Fargo Diagnostic Utility.

Fargo Diagnostic utility can be downloaded from here. Scroll to the bottom of the page and download the Diagnostic Tool 4.4

Place the printer into upgrade mode by hitting the menu button and scrolling down to “Upgrade Firmware” or “System Upgrade” and selecting it. The printer will reboot. Press start on the printer menu and then send the firmware.

It may take 5-10 minutes for the process to complete


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13 Responses to How to update your Fargo Printer firmware

  1. Vince Brown says:

    I have a Fargo 520 do you have a fargo work bench that will see the 520 printer?

  2. Yuefei Zheng says:

    During updating Fargo DTC400 firmware the computer got shutdown. Updating was not complete. The problem is whenever turn on the printer it shows update firmware, send file now, nothing happens. There is no communication bet. printer and computer now. Please help me how to reset it?

    • Lydia Sellers says:

      Hi Yuefei,

      This one is a bit tricky since it is an older printer:

      Install workbench 2.0. Do not use the version of the workbench. Remember you must unplug the printer power cord. Then reboot the printer pressing and holding the buttons down at the same time. This will get the printer in upgrade mode. Then go ahead and use Workbench 2.0 to spool the firmware over to the printer.

  3. media prestation says:

    Please,we have fargo DTC550, we have the problem to install a new ribbon,we try to instal the workbench 2.2 but we can not.please help us to instal it.

    • Jake Burdick says:

      What is the problem when installing the new ribbon? Is the printer not detecting it? If so, make sure you set the correct ribbon type in the printer’s driver (go to your printers and faxes folder, right click on the DTC550, choose printing preferences, and then click on the device options tab).

      What issues are you having with the workbench software? Is it not detecting the printer?

  4. media prestation says:

    yes the printer is not detecting the new ribbon. what can we do now?

  5. Nsidibe Anieting says:

    Hello. Please, while trying to run a cleaning operation on the HDP5000 I’m using, the 200MP adhesive card had a jam inside the printer. The Printer has prompted me to reboot but I don’t know exactly where the start from. Please, help. Thank you.

    • Jake Burdick says:


      If you have the front panel of the printer open, you’ll be able to use the two buttons on the front of the printer to rotate the rollers left and right. You should be able to use that to unjam the card.

      Once you get the card out, I’d recommend power cycling the printer by unplugging it and plugging it back in.



      • Nsidibe Anieting says:

        Thank you very much. The issue was solved. Sorry that I didn’t check back here for your reply. Thank you all the same.

  6. Hello !
    PLEASE help me
    I have a fargo printer DTC550 and it won’t print and show an error : Card Jam : SMART
    Althought there is no card jammed in reality ! I tried everything (reboot ..parameters modif … )

    • Jake Burdick says:


      Is the printer making any grinding noises? This sounds to me like a mechanical issue with the unit.

      Unfortunately, the DTC550 is considered obsolete by HID, and it is not possible to get parts for it any longer. I would recommend looking into purchasing a new printer.



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