Installing IDP SMART-50 printer driver

To begin installing the printer driver for your SMART-50 series printer, insert the disc that came with the printer into your computer.  It should begin running the installation program.  If not, go to “Computer” (or “My Computer”) and double click on the CD/DVD drive.  Once running, you’ll be shown this screen:


Click on “Driver Install” and you will begin the driver installation wizard.  Make sure your printer is NOT plugged in, and click “Next”


After the installation wizard has checked to make sure you don’t already have any SMART-50 drivers already installed, you’ll see the next screen, which just tells you that you’re now about to install the drivers.  Click “Next”


Upon trying to install the drivers, Windows Security will tell you that it can’t verify the publisher of this driver software.  For this particular instance you’re okay, so click “Install this driver software anyway.


When you get to the next screen, plug in your printer.  At this point, you will be given two options.  The first is to install via your USB port, and the second is to install via your network.  If you want to install via your computer’s USB port, that’s already selected for you by default, so click “Next.”  Once the installation is complete, the “Next” button will change to “Close.”  Click on that, and you have finished installing the driver.


If, however, you’d like to install your printer via your network, click on the “TCP/IP Network port” radio button.  A message will pop up similar to this:


If your printer is already properly connected to the network, it will show up automatically, and all you have to do is click “OK.”  If not, try to properly connect the printer to the network, and click “Refresh.”  Once you’ve done that, you will prompted to complete the installation, as you saw above.

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6 Responses to Installing IDP SMART-50 printer driver

  1. Maria Martinez says:

    Hello I am having issues installing the printer. It seems to be stuck on Step 3.

    I have the Smart 50-printer serial # SDIA000000EA0505

    • Jake Burdick says:


      What version of Windows are you using? Are you logged in as the local administrator on the computer you are attempting the installation on? It is possible that Windows security is blocking the installation from completing. The first thing I would do is ensure that either you’re logged in as an administrator or that you have user account control (UAC) disabled in the control panel.



  2. Narith says:

    Hi bro, I’m having the same problem as sir Jake, and I’m using windows 10 btw, it seems to be stuck in the step 3 🙁 pls help

    • Jake Burdick says:


      Are you logged into the administrator account on your PC?



    • Maria says:

      For some reason, what worked for me each time, was to plug into the USB port until step 3. wait a couple of seconds and than plug it in. Hope this helps for you.

  3. Maria says:

    Actually, wait till about when the progress bar is a bit after mid point than plug in USB port.

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