Macintosh Driver Installation – Evolis Pebble 4

 Take the following steps to install the Evolis Pebble 4 driver on a Macintosh O/S 10.5-10.6

Contact your local Evolis dealer for 10.7 drivers

1) Before starting the installation, plug the printer to the Mac and make sure you are logged with the Administrator rights.

2) Go to the Evolis web site, download the driver and follow the instruction during the installation process (the Administrator password will be asked).

3) Open the System Preferences

And Print and fax section

4) Click on the + to add and select the printer which should be already detected

5) In the Print using section, choose Select a driver to use

6) Choose in the menu list the Evolis driver and the language you need (Uk or French)

And click on Add to validate your choice.

The driver in now ready to be used.

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