Manually Clean Lamination Rollers – Fargo HDP600LC

Fargo’s LC unit has been out for many years and has been very reliable in our opinion. When something works, why change it?

Card jamming in the laminator is usually caused by dirty rollers. It is recommended that you manually clean the rollers on a regular basis. Clean rollers lead to fewer card jams!!

Take these steps to manually clean all of the rollers in the laminator

Remove the laminate

Insert a Fargo 82133 cleaning card onto the exit roller

Use the right arrow button on the laminator to feed the card into the laminator. Hold the card once the cleaning card is inside the laminator to create pressure on the rollers

To manually clean the lamination platen roller, place the cleaning card on the roller and put pressure on it while pressing the left button on the laminator

An example of a well used cleaning card

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