New Evolis Ribbon Region Codes

With the launch of the new line of supplies for the Evolis Zenius and Evolis Primacy Evolis has updated their regional compatibility code system for consumables.

Evolis has three primary region codes which correlate printers and the compatible consumables. Americas code AAA, Europe Middle East and Africa code EAA, and Asia Pacific code SAA.

The printer region code is indicated on the ID printer label from the external box. The ribbon region code is indicated in the ribbon part number, on the last three digits. This part number is printed on the ribbon box label as well as on the drop-in cassette label.

The two codes have to match as indicated below:

In the Evolis Premium Suite® Print Center, in the ‘Ribbon’ tab, the part number and the type of ribbon is indicated. ‘Ribbon not valid’ message means that the region code is not appropriate between the printer and the ribbon.

Additional information can be found at Evolis‘ website.

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