No ribbon installed – Fargo DTC550

Take the following steps if your Fargo DTC550 is displaying a “No ribbon installed” error:

Turn the printer off for about 5 seconds and then turn it back on

Try a different ribbon

Make sure the ribbon is installed correctly

Update the printer firmware

Make sure the that the green RFID tag is on the ribbon as they can fall off


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6 Responses to No ribbon installed – Fargo DTC550

  1. media prestation says:

    i have problem to update the firmware,the word bench of fargo version i use is:2.1 but it needs to v2.2.1.2 minimum. i try to install the v2.2.1.1 but no success.

    • Jake Burdick says:

      Have you tried uninstalling the old software before installing the new software? I would do that, just to be safe (also make sure you are installing it as the local administrator of the PC and are launching the installer by right clicking it and choosing “run as administrator”).

      Have you tried installing the most recent version of the Fargo Workbench? It can be found here:

  2. media prestation says:

    I have tried it and i have seen the setup of workbench 3.2 but it can not be install in my computer because i am using service pack 2 so it needs workbench 2.2 but i do not find that can u please send the real address for Workbench 2.2 please?

  3. Deborah Carter says:

    What if the ring is orange and not green

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