Print Head Replacement – Fargo DTC550

Take the following steps to replace a print head – Fargo DTC550:

Open the print arm. Loosen the black screw on the print head

Remove the print head

Remove the cable

Follow the steps in reverse to install the new print head

Make sure that you change the print head resistance value in the printer settings

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3 Responses to Print Head Replacement – Fargo DTC550

  1. mahmud says:

    the printer show head lift error so how can solve it?

  2. akeem says:

    Please we have three fargo printer, HTC 550 and Two HDP 5000,

    1. please we want to replace the printhead for htc 550, you can send us the details or formal how to remove and fix the new one.

    2. We to do service for the HDP 5000 cleaning and everything .

    3. The third printer has a flipper problem, what can we to stop the problem or which part can we bought because we have some compitent enginer that can do it here.

    thanks you.

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