Produce Secure ID Cards with CardPresso

Prevent Fraudulent Reproduction


Ghost Images

Ghost image is one of the most common security elements.

To configure a ghost image, you can play with image opacity and negative color.
The image options are available from the entry-level edition.

Digital Signature

Another element that is commonly used as an additional security element to avoid fraudulent card reproduction is the card holder signature.

As well as the fingerprint, the digital signature can also be added to the card design and the database.
This feature is available from the entry-level edition.


A fingerprint is unique and difficult to adulterate. For that reason fingerprint is widely used when security is key.

Using a fingerprint scanner, you can have the card holder’s fingerprint automatically imported into your card design and database.

This feature is available from XL edition.

UV/F Printing

Invisible to the naked eye, but visible when pointed out with a UV light source, UV printed items raise the security of your card.

You can use static elements, like logos or trademarks or dynamic elements like name, photo or ID number of the card holder.
UV/F printing is available from the XL edition.

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