warning wrong ribbon

When I replaced ribbon om my DTC4500 it now gives me the warning. No ribbon or wrong ribbon. I have cleaned it,callibrated it and tried to go to device options and change setting although it wouldnt let me click on it. I was wondering if it may be a sensor ? the reason I say this, it didnt give me the warning that the ribbon was running low just all of sudden it said out of ribbon. HELP !!!???

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  1. The Badge Pro says:

    Have you tried replacing the ribbon? The printer attempts to keep track of how many prints are remaining on the ribbon, but it is an estimate and not always accurate. It would not be unusual for it to fail to warn you on occasion.

  2. Shad McGhee says:

    Had the same problem with dual lamination unit. HID’s response was to change the lamination settings in the printer properties from automatically detecting the lamination type to manually specifying the type for each cartridge.

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