Ribbon Sensor Calibration – Fargo HDP5000

Take these steps to calibrate the HDP5000 ribbon sensor:

Go to your printers and faxes folder. Right click on the HDP5000 printer and choose printing preferences

Click on the Tool Box tab

Once the Tool Box opens read the instructions and then click calibrate

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2 Responses to Ribbon Sensor Calibration – Fargo HDP5000

  1. ribbon sensor error 128 is showing up on the computer and printer screens. Even after the calibration steps have been taken.

    • The Badge Pro says:


      If you followed the calibration steps, most likely the ribbon sensor has failed and your printer would need to be repaired by a Fargo Authorized Service Provider. If you would like to fill out our Online RMA Form at http://badgepros.com/repair/, we can get you in touch with a nearby Fargo Dealer who can help you out.

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