Ribbon Error light on an Evolis printer

If your Evolis printer’s ribbon light is on please check the following:

Ensure the the ribbon is not broken

Verify that the correct power supply is being used

Ensure that you have not reached the end of the ribbon

Ensure that you have the ribbon loaded correctly (ribbon should run over top of the spools)

Ensure that the ribbon is a genuine Evolis ribbon

Check to make sure that the Printer driver is set correctly for the ribbon that is loaded


If the above steps do not work, verify the ribbon setting manually by again opening Printing Preferences, then clicking on the Tools tab.

Then click on Dialog with printer


Type in the Command Rr and press Enter (the command is case sensitive and contains no spaces).

The answer should be the ribbon type you just changed to in the driver, and should correspond to the ribbon actually installed in the printer.

If the answer is different you can type in the command: Pr;(ribbon type)  and press Enter to set it manually, for example:

Pr;ymcko  for an R3011

Pr;ymckok  for an R3314

Pr;k   for an R2011




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10 Responses to Ribbon Error light on an Evolis printer

  1. Mindy says:

    Is there a way to override the ribbon end error?

    • Jake Burdick says:


      How much is left on your ribbon? Most ribbons will have a few panels left after being used up, and there really isn’t anyway to get the printer to use those panels.

      That being said, if something like half the cartridge hasn’t been used then you may have a defective ribbon.



  2. Jelmer says:


    I have a Evolis Tattoo 2 with a R2211 ribbon in the printer.
    I am on MAC OS X and I have installed the corresponding drivers for it.

    Which code should I execute? Because none of the above codes give an answer.

    Thank you in advance.


    • Jake Burdick says:


      The R2211 is a black monochrome ribbon. You can use the same code as the R2011 – Pr;k.



  3. chris haslam says:

    I own a Zenius card printer but the ribbon and card light will not turn off. I have put new card and new ribbon in it. But no luck. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. Shafqat Ajmal says:

    I have EVOlIS Dualys 3 printer and problem ribion error, any one can help out.

  5. ITRACK says:


    By any chance I couldnuse CR70 NOCo adhesive cards in my Evolis Primacy Printer. If yes, where do I set this setting? Thanks

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