Ribbon Miscue – Fargo C30/DTC300/DTC400

Take the following steps if your printer is displaying the “Ribbon Miscue” error, breaking ribbons,  or printing out just one or two color panels:

  1. Try a different ribbon
  2. Update your printer driver and firmware to the latest listed on Fargo’s Website
  3. Calibrate the ribbon sensor through the driver
  4. Run a self test from the printer to see if the issue has been resolved

If these steps do not resolve the issue please contact and authorized Fargo service provider

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2 Responses to Ribbon Miscue – Fargo C30/DTC300/DTC400

  1. HomereII Gelin says:

    I have a Fargo DTC1000 which gives me a lot of problem.The error message are: “Ribbon miscue” “

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