Ribbon Sensor Calibration Fail – Fargo DTC400

Try the following if your Fargo DTC400 is failing the ribbon sensor calibration:

Try a different USB port on your computer

Try the calibration on a different computer

Update your printer driver and firmware to the latest on Fargo’s website and try the calibration again

Contact a Fargo Authorized Repair Center as the ribbon sensor, power board, or main board will need to be replaced

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2 Responses to Ribbon Sensor Calibration Fail – Fargo DTC400

  1. PAUL says:

    dtc400 will not calibrate changed senors main logic and power interface board

    • The Badge Pro says:

      Is the firmware updated to Have you tried to calibrate the printer on a different computer? If you replaced the lower sensor (Part# A000374) it may be out of alignment. Please remove and reseat it and try the calibration again.

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