Self Adjustment – Evolis Kiosk

How to Perform a Self Adjustment – Evolis Kiosk

 Performing a Self Adjustment on an Evolis Kiosk printer is an excellent step for both regular maintenance and troubleshooting issues.

Ensure that you have cards and a YMCKO ribbon installed in the printer

Access the printer driver by going to your printers and faxes folder, right click on the Evolis Dualys printer, and choose printing preferences.

Click on the tools tab

Click on the Dialog with printer tab

Type Sa into the command box and hit enter (Evolis commands are case sensitive and always start with a capital letter)

The triangle warning light will flash

Open the top cover and then close it

The ribbon will advance, a card will be inserted and then ejected after the printer calibrates all of the internal sensors

If this procedure has been followed too slowly, a “timeout elapsed” message may be displayed.


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