Sensor Auto Adjustment – Nisca PR5310 & PR5350

Some issues, like cards not printing correctly, can be corrected by adjusting the sensors in the printer.  Here’s how to achieve that in Nisca’s PR53xx printers, using the printer’s screen:

  1. With the power OFF, visually confirm that there is no card in the Printer.
  2. Open Ribbon Cover and pull out the Ribbon Cartridge.  Set the Ribbon Cartridge again in the position so that Yellow Part of the ribbon comes to block the light, and close the Ribbon Cover.
  3. Turn ON the power and execute “Sensor Auto Adjustment” menu in “Service Mode.”  To get there, follow these steps
      • Hold the MENU button.  When “Input Commands” comes up on the screen, alternate pressing the CLEAR and EXE buttons until “Service Mode” shows up, then click EXE to enter it.
      • Press MENU (usually only once) until you see the “Sensor Check” option, then click EXE.
      • Press MENU three or four times until you see “Auto Adjustment,” then click EXE to start.
  4. Finish “Service Mode”
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