IDP Smart-50 Printer Series Overview

The Smart-50 is a series of ID badge printers made by IDP.  The series starts with the SMART-50S (single-sided) and the SMART-50D (dual-sided) printers, and goes on to the SMART-50L (laminator) and the SMART-50R (rewritable).


SMART-50S & Smart-50D


Both provide full-color or monochrome cards and can be a great solution for printing ID cards on demand or involume.  Both models also offer a wide range of optional features including magnetic encoder, as well as contact and contactless smart card encoders, making it a useful for many applications in a variety of environments.

Both of these models are suitable for applications that require printing of ID cards such as:

  • Employee ID cards
  • Student IDs
  • Payment cards
  • Health cards
  • Leisure resort pass card
  • Identification cards
  • Transport pass card
  • Loyalty cards
  • Event cards




The SMART-50L printer produces long-life cards for ID and access control with customizable security features and ability to print smart cards.  To cater to expanding requirement in card security, SMART-50L DLW (Direct Laminating in a Wink) technology provides the most stable & fast laminating solutions.  The SMART-50L is suitable for applications that require high security ID cards, such as:

  • National ID cards & Drivers licenses
  • Government & Military ID cards
  • High security access control ID cards
  • Law enforcement and correctional facility ID cards
  • Airport ID cards

The SMART-50R printer is capable of printing temporary and updatable cards, and is a great solution for situations where one wants to revise and reprint on the same card.  It is suitable to revise and reprint ID cards such as:

  • Visitor’s details on an access control badge
  • Transit passes
  • Passes for ski and holiday resorts
  • Membership cards with subscription details
  • Loyalty cards with the updated number of points,
    as well as applicable special offers



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