IDP SMART-50 Utilities

There are many useful utilities that you can use to interact with the SMART-50 printer.  These utilities allow you to interact with the printer to do things like:

  • Print a test card
  • Set up network properties
  • Update the firmware
  • Show information about the printer (version, IP address, capabilities)
  • Run individual diagnostics

These utilities are not installed onto your computer when you install the driver.  They are, however, on the disc that came with the printer.  Here is how to find them…

Open “Computer” or “My Computer” to see your hard drive, CD/DVD drive, etc.  Note that if you double-click on the CD/DVD drive, the driver and software installation wizard will run.  What you want to do, instead, is right-click on the CD/DVD drive and click “Open”.


This will take you to the list of files and folders on the CD.  Double-click on the “Utilities” folder.


Here you will find all of the utilities necessary to interact with your SMART-50 printer.


If you’d like, you can copy-and-paste (or click-and-drag) these programs onto your computer somewhere if you don’t want to keep the disc in your computer, and they will still work.


UPDATE: If you have lost or misplaced the disc that came with your printer, you can now download all of the utilities here: Smart-50 Utilities

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