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Using Evolis Hologram Overlay Varnish Ribbon

Evolis R4002 Hologram Overlay can be printed onto a card that has already been printed. Ensure that you change the ribbon type in the driver first, otherwise the Hologram ribbon will spool and the Ribbon error light will turn on … Continue reading

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Ribbon Breaking – Evolis Kiosk

There are two ways a ribbon can break. It can either be a straight cut or a jagged tear. If the ribbon break is a straight cut:  Run a self test from the printer to eliminate the PC/software from the … Continue reading

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Self Adjustment – Evolis Kiosk

How to Perform a Self Adjustment – Evolis Kiosk  Performing a Self Adjustment on an Evolis Kiosk printer is an excellent step for both regular maintenance and troubleshooting issues. Ensure that you have cards and a YMCKO ribbon installed in the … Continue reading

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Won’t Feed Cards – Evolis Kiosk

If your Evolis Kiosk  will not feed cards, take the following steps Make sure the metal card hopper is installed correctly Check to see if your cards have static build up and are sticking together Clean the input roller thoroughly … Continue reading

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