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How to Install Cards and Ribbon – Fargo C50

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Proximity Card Bit Format and Facility Code Guide

Proximity cards are an amazing piece of technology that provide constantly expanding opportunities and applications in our industry. But what if you want a 26-bit Wiegand card, with facility code 300? And what is the HID compatible Format Code for … Continue reading

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Mag Encoding Test – Fargo DTC4500

Take the following steps if you are experiencing mag encoding errors with your DTC4500: Ensure that the cards are loaded in the correct orientation Try different cards Clean the transport rollers manually as the card may be slipping during the … Continue reading

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How do I migrate Asure ID to a new computer?

Call Fargo tech support with your serial number (or license key). They will enable it to activate again. Install and activate the software per usual on your new PC. Copy your database file (AsureID.mdb) from your old computer to the … Continue reading

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Wrong Ribbon Error – Fargo HDP820

A wrong ribbon error is most likely caused by the ribbon type being incorrectly set in the print driver. Take the following steps to change the ribbon type in your Fargo HDP820 print driver: Go to your printers and faxes … Continue reading

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