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Misaligned printing – Fargo HDP 5000

Is your Fargo HDP5000 is printing a ghosted image as pictured below?     If so, try the following: 1. Run a self test from the front panel of the printer to determine whether the issue is with the printer … Continue reading

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Light Printing – Datacard SD360

Take the following steps if your Datacard SD360 is printing too light. The printers come from the factory with a lower quality print setting. Press the button that has the green LED to put the printer in suspend mode to … Continue reading

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Print quality issues

Dirt and debris between the card and ribbon can cause a blockage of the dye sublimation process as seen below noted by the red arrows. Steps to Resolve: 1. Try brand new clean cards 2. Clean or replace the cleaning … Continue reading

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Data Corruption

The image below is just one example of what a card can look like as a result of data corruption. Here are a few troubleshooting steps for such an issue: Update the printer firmware and driver Print an image outside … Continue reading

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