Test Print – Matica Espresso

If you are having ribbon breaking, card jamming, or other issues, run a self test from the printer driver to determine if the issue is with the printer. If the printer fails on the self test, then there may be an issue with the printer. If the self test passes there is most likely a problem with your software, PC, or id  software.

In Windows, click on Start, Matica, DCP, and then Run the Espresso Printer Manager


Espresso Print Manager

Once the Matica Printer Manger is open, Click on the maintenance tab

Espresso Print Manager_2

Click on the Graphic Button to print a test card

Espresso Print Manager_3



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2 Responses to Test Print – Matica Espresso

  1. carmelo ureta says:

    our matica espresso II printer have a project mis-match error.. what i should to to fix this technical error.. i re-install the printer driver.. still same error.. instead of green led light blinking, yellow light is blinking… what is the probable cause of this error..

    • Jake Burdick says:


      Unfortunately we no longer service or support the Matica line of printers. I would recommend reaching out to their support department – contact information can be found at maticatech.com.



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