TransCam WDM

TransCam WDM


TransCamWDM lets you capture, create, and edit photos for ID Badges. This software can be used with most TWAIN compatible ID card applications. The webcam has a widescreen sensor which allows for excellent sharpness and image quality and delivers vivid and colorful images and video. Auto focus and high accuracy glass lens optics give this webcam superior picture quality.


Insert the TransCam software disc into your computer and follow the simple “read and click” directions. Next plug in the webcam, and almost immediately you see yourself. You can begin taking and processing photos right away. The entire installation process is exceptionally easy and takes less than five minutes.


The Live Image Preview gives you the ability to control image quality and adjustment before capturing the image, saving the time and effort of adjusting them within the card design software. When you change camera settings you can see live image updates in the Image Preview area. Simply go to View>Camera settings and you can adjust size, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma, white balance, and sharpness. Below is an example of the Live Image Preview. Simply click on the feature you want to alter and move left or right accordingly.

This feature also includes automatic face detection and tracking. This option is especially helpful when creating large numbers of badges.

After the image is captured the face area can be manually or automatically cropped. Check off the “Apply Crop Frame” box for automatic cropping.

If the face on the image is not recognized automatically you have the choice to outline the face area manually. You can adjust frame size and position using the zoom, vertical offset, and horizontal offset tabs to fit specific badge requirements.

Once you take the image by clicking “Capture to file,” the settings will appear. You can adjust size, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma, white balance, and sharpness while comparing to the original photo. Here is an example of changing the look of a picture by shifting brightness settings.


TransCam WDM, Provides a high-quality, low cost ID Photo capture solution.  It’s ease of use and adaptability make it a great option for individual badging stations and large badging operations alike.


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