Why do the colors on the card come out Black/Pink?

Strange color patterns can happen when the driver is not correctly set for the print ribbon installed in an Evolis printer.

This problem can often be resolved by changing or reapplying the driver settings to reflect the ribbon installed in the printer. Instructions can be found below.

Steps to Resolve:

Go to your Printers and Faxes folder.  Double click on the Evolis printer and clear all print jobs from the queue.

Right click on your printer and choose Printing Preferences

Choose the ribbon you have installed in the printer from the drop down box.

Click OK.

If that does not work, verify the ribbon setting manually by again opening Printing Preferences, then clicking on the Tools tab.

Then click on Dialog with printer


Type in the Command Rr and press Enter (the command is case sensitive and contains no spaces).

The answer should be the ribbon type you just changed to in the driver, and should correspond to the ribbon actually installed in the printer.

If the answer is different you can type in the command: Pr;(ribbon type)  and press Enter to set it manually, for example:




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