Wrong Ribbon Error – Fargo DTC550

Ensure that your ribbon is set correctly in the driver if your DTC550 is displaying a “Wrong Ribbon Installed” Error

Go to your printers and faxes folder, right click on the Fargo DTC550, and choose printing preferences.

Click on the Device Options Tab

Click on Auto Ribbon Select

The printer will auto detect the ribbon and change the setting to the ribbon that is installed in the printer


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2 Responses to Wrong Ribbon Error – Fargo DTC550

  1. Samuel says:

    Kindly help me out, i bought new DTC 550 Printer, but the Ribbon skipped atimes instead of Printing 500prints it printed 460copies. I observed that instead of White Colour that serve as demarcation between ribbons, Yellow wil move a bit to the front, and it wil know skipped that panel, and use the next one to print out. Unles we look inside the printer and we use hand to reverse it back.

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