Evolis Demo’s Zenius at TransTech Systems

Today we had the opportunity to have Evolis demo their new Zenius printer in our office.

The Zenius is quite impressive. It has outstanding print quality, is light weight, and is very quiet.

TransTech will be receiving our first Zenius sometime in the near future. We will evaluate it and give you a firsthand look at the new printer.

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One Response to Evolis Demo’s Zenius at TransTech Systems

  1. Jeff Kruse says:

    Seen and not heard. The first known appearance of this quote can be found in a collection of sayings written around 1450 AD. It was originally tied to children.

    Moving to more recent history, just try to imagine tying seen and not heard to plastic card printers? It is far easier to conceive of applying it to today’s children than today’s card printers. In fact the very suggestions that you would appreciate the design of the machine, be amazed by the print quality of the cards produced, and barely even hear the production of the cards taking place, would have been outrageous thinking.

    Then came Zenius. This is one plastic card printer that needs to be seen. It won’t likely be heard.

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